Windshield Repair Cost

You may love your car more than yourself, and therefore you regularly schedule its maintenance after checking for problems. Yet, there is one aspect in which you have no control whatsoever. Well, we think you have already guessed it; it is the windshield of your car. You never know when something might hit the windshield when you are driving. The impact will naturally cause damages to the windshield. Naturally, the first thing to appear in your mind will be replacing the windshield as early as possible. However, you do not have a clue about the windshield repair cost. Actually, the answer to this question is not so simple, as a lot of things have to be taken into account. The cost of the windshield repair(check more about cost of windshield repair here) is not limited to the extent of the crack only. The other factors are the type of glass, the cleaning procedure, the adhesive and the installation charges. Here are the details.

Vehicle type

When you call the auto glass shop(check out Mydrwindshield for Houston Windshield repair)to know the cost of the windshield replacement they will inquire about the make and model of your car. The cost of the windshield will depend on this answer. Generally, luxurious vehicles require a special type of windshield which is only available with the dealer. These windshields will tend to be a lot more expensive in comparison to the non-luxurious vehicles.

Special features

Each vehicle is different. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay extra for certain type of vehicles when you are replacing the windshield. For instance, some cars include unique moldings that are a part and parcel of the windshield. So, the glass will have to match those structural designs. If your car is relatively new, it might include additional features such as rain sensors, and condensation sensors and various other sensors. Replacing windshields of such vehicles will cost you several hundred dollars. Comparatively, if you have an old vehicle, the cost of the windshield replacement will be a lot cheaper.

Rear windshield replacement

Generally, when we talk about the windshield replacement, we visualize about the front windshield only. However, there is no reason to think the rear windshield will is less vulnerable to damages. The cost of the rear windshield replacement will also include the same factors as discussed above.

An approximate estimate of the windshield replacement

Here, we are taking into account only the non-luxury vehicles. The cost of replacement will be in the range of $150-$400. If you are the owner of a luxury vehicle like Mercedes, Audi, or Lexus, the cost of windshield replacement can cost over $1000.

The advantage of insurance

The good news is, the windshield repair or replacement cost is covered by insurance companies in most occasions with no deductibles. Thus, it is important to know if you have a comprehensive coverage. The comprehensive coverage will not cover up the expenses of repairs, but they will pay back the expenses if the windshield incurs damages from fire, storms, or any such unsolicited events.

Most vehicles today have the auto glass and the most common problem of the windshields as we all know are chips and cracks. In such situations, you should inspect if the damage is less than 6-inches. You have the option of using the “dollar bill rule” in this case. Provided, the crack is covered by the dollar bill and the crack is less than 6-inches you can file a claim with your insurance company.

Check the deductible

You need to consider one more thing before filing your claim with the insurance company. You must compare the cost of the repair or replacement with your deductible. Chances are, if the cost of repair is lower than your deductible, you will not get any reimbursement. Only if the cost of repair is higher than the deductible your claim will be fulfilled.

Hope, you now know a lot about the car windshield repair cost and the steps you need to follow to get the claim from your insurance company.

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